Prismacolor Colored Pencils Box of 72 Colors

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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Review for adult coloring books

WOW, this is a LONG review of the Prismacolor Premier Softcore for adult coloring books. I answer a LOT of questions about these pencils: How do they color?

I received this in the mail it supposed to contain my 72 set of cooler colors .this set that I bought on Walmart paid about $100 and it came with a couple of bonus accessories .okay and it all just came with bloody so-called our erasers .looks like it’s just a regular black erasers and of the prismacolor premier sharpener. let’s go for I was only using like $2 sharpener .I’ll go ahead and open up the accessories .this is apparently the sharpener that you are recommended to use with the prismacolor pencil .I guess they’re really soft .so they break easily and share pairs that aren’t so good. so it just has a little pop top and got two different points along point and a short point and it’s see it through even telling you to empty it and the top just pops right that means behind my minimal eraser does and I have a kneaded eraser I knew when I use a big eraser but this is nice because it’s got really sharp edge in .so you’ll sink into it really small spaces I don’t know about it’s saying that I’m not leaving dust because it feels it had dusty to me not gonna lie .okay now for the colored pencils.

so these are my first artist grade clay pencils and here’s the first tray looks like more neutral colors and second tray and the last trade ailment .now it looks pretty nice .so you can see the lead is wider in the prismacolor smell better with my state right now like cedar . they’re very smooth like Crayolas are Scratchy you know when you laying it down on the paper but these don’t feel scratchy at all

I really like these pencils yeah this is pretty cool .

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9.8 Total Score
Best kit for Quality

Bundle of 72 pieces of colored pencils in a tin set, a black triangular eraser and a unique kind of sharpener. This fantastic art set is a great investment for both amateur and professional artists,

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