Quick guide to art markers

Art marker drawing

hey everyone. in today’s I’m going to give you a quick guide to art markers. I’m going to talk about different types of markers that are out there. I’m going to talk about what they are good for what they are not good for .so that I hope this can give you a good idea on whether to invest some money in markers or stay away from them .

Copic markers

I think one of the more well known markers the Copic markers .generally speaking there are two types of markers .alcohol-based markers and water-based markers .for alcohol-based markers they have that characteristic odor .they are mostly permanent. for water based markers .they can be dissolved in water they are water soluble .so if you want something that is permanent you should always go for alcohol markers .

Different types of art markers

so for Copic they have different types of markers .so we have the Copic the standard Copic marker. which is sort of a square region location shape .then we have the Copic Sketch. which is an oval shape like this and then there is the Copic ciao. which is a circular shape. so the main differences between these three markers besides the shape of the marker is the tip that they have .so for the standard Copic marker we have the our standard chisel tip .the chisel tip is a very common type of tip for markers .so for the standard Copic marker the Copic Sketch and Copic ciao they all have chisel tips and many markers they have tips on both sides . the tips on this side so for the ciao and the sketch we have two tips and for the standard Copic marker we have the fine tip .so this are the main differences in terms of the tips and also in terms of the capacity of ink this has the smallest volume .this is somewhat in between and this has the largest volume .you should always remember to put the cap back onto the marker when you are not using them .because markers they dry up quite easily especially alcohol-based markers. if you put them out in the open like this they can dry out in a few hours and these markers they are not cheap .so when they dry out you no longer can be used you have to get a new one and that’s a waste of money. to cut down the cost of using markers it’s good to find markers that come with refillable ink .so for Copic they are refillable inks are caught various ink .so we have this w5 here .this is used to review this marker which is also a w5 .so to refute markers you typically just open the marker up like this for Copic markers you just have to put drops of ink onto the tips and let the ink flow down .once the tip can no longer absorb any more ink that’s when you know you have a QC marker the marker is well refute .for some other marker brands you can actually just our twist open the top but for Copic so you have to put drops onto the tips with ink refused like this it makes it much more economical to use markers if not once you finish using the marker you have to troye it away and it’s expensive it’s also not very environmentally friendly .so I do highly recommend you get our markers that come with refillable inks .

now Copic markers they are a bit cheaper .if you get them in Japan but for those who are not in Japan you can buy them online .they are bit expensive .so having the review really cuts down the cost of using these markers .one of the main advantages of using markers is the convenience they provide .they are very portable very easy to bring around and the ink dry very fast .so they are quick to use .there was a time when I like to use markers while drawing on public transport .so I would draw a sketch something like this and I would color the sketch on the spot while standing in the train using my markers .it is so convenient you use markers to color .so I can color large areas really quickly .compared to using color pencil for examples .for tiny areas like this I can use the brush tip to paint into those areas .my prayers can be very precise when you use the brush tip. you definitely have more control when using markers .I’m back to using the chisel tip .markers allow you to work really fast or you won that fast and sketchy look .markers can be a good tool to use.

Downside of using art markers

the downside to using markers is each marker is only one color .so if you need to switch colors you have to switch markers .so I won this site here to be a bit lighter .so I have to switch to a lighter color .I’m using one gray markers by the way .so now I’m using a lighter one gray so for every color that you need you have to switch and if you want to get a lot of colors it’s going to be very expensive .so that is one downside to markers .each marker is only one color .you can overlay the marker ink using a few more layers to get a darker sheet. if you do not want to use a another marker .but this is actually quite limited .so I’m using a one green number three here and this is the darkest I can get .to get it to be a bit more to get it to be darker I actually have to switch to our dr. marker .so this is a warm five .and immediately you can see that this is a darker shade .so you do need to have a several markers in order to get the variation of tones .the brush tip allows a bit more flexibility in coloring while the chisel tip allows you to color much faster .and the chisel tip will also give you a very blocky shape. for the fine tip you can use it for drawing or getting really thick lines .another thing to note when using markers this is always good to test them out before you use them on actual artworks .for example here I have a pen and ink sketch. I’m using marker over the ink .I do not know if the ink is really permanent .so sometimes when you use markers over inks the ink may actually sort of smear a bit or dissolve .so be sure to test out markers before using them on actual artworks .you can buy markers individually like this or you can get them in sets like this and if you buy them in sets like this each marker is usually slightly cheaper than buying individually. however the downside are buying a set like this is colors are already chosen for you so depending on the subject that you want to color some of the colors may not be suitable .so that’s the downside of sets. but it’s a good way to try out markers because they are usually slightly cheaper per marker . Home

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