Caran D ache Luminance Pencils Review

I have for you a review of the caran d’ache – luminance pencils which I got with a gift card I got for my birthday and I have been playing with these for a while and I’m ready to talk to you about them and show you how amazing they .come in this lovely pull-out box with the pencils carefully padded which is really nice because they are on the expensive side .I think they’re between three and four dollars a pencil depending on you know how you get your set or whatever and you may be able to get it slightly less if you get the full range of colors .

caran d’ache – luminance

They are really really wonderful pencils. they are they are the highest rating of lightfastness for their entire line .which is pretty amazing and not something that you see for all of the pencils .they come in let me show you the twenty colors they come in that I got in my set .I’m probably going to add a couple of colors to these. but I wanted to show you how vibrant all of these colors are and just how beautiful they are. and it’s just really like a nice range of colors that you can actually do some things with like you don’t really you know like there’s a question of you know should you get all 76 colors. I don’t think you necessarily need all 76 colors if you want to get twenty colors and supplement whatever colors you’re like you know me I .I don’t necessarily want to get the largest set I want to go you know fairly high and then just add a couple of colors .so $70 is about as high as I was willing to go .

I really love that about this set and let me show you the other amazing thing not only are these sets you know really like fast .but what I love about them is how opaque they are .even the lightest colors and you can see that I was able to if you’ve tried to work on your cover you’ll notice that this is really meant for markers or for some opaque colors because when you try this with color pencils. it doesn’t really give you the the full vibrancy of April once you put these Caran D ache – colors on it instantly gets a very vibrant and instantly .

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9.8 Total Score
Best Quality

  • Finest colored pencils
  • Perfect for shading, graded applications, mixed media
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