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I’m going to explain this six ways to improve your colored pencil work. Over the years of both learning and teaching colored pencils I have come across the same mistakes many of which are as easy to correct as they are to make . The goal of this website is to help you overcome and avoid of the most common mistakes while also taking your work to the next level . Anyways let’s go ahead and get started .

Start with an accurate drawing

The first and most fundamental way to improve your color pencil work is to start with an accurate drawing of your subject . There are a number of ways to do this that doesn’t require relying on your drawing skills .Now with that said there are no shortcuts to improving your drawing skills other than practice . But today we want to color .So the easiest way to get an accurate line art is to trace . Your initial sketch is the foundation of your work and no amount of skill will correct coloring in an inaccurate sketch . So in the end regardless of how you get your foundational sketch the only important feature is accuracy .

Now that we have our subject accurately sketched out the next thing that you should be doing is getting to know the colors of your subject. Just grabbing some pencils and rushing right in to start coloring will most often result in Quora color choices and mediocre final results. And if you ever intend on coloring skin this is even more vital to success . Taking the time to correctly identify the colors in the shadows, highlights and mid-range will not only save you time in the long run. But also make the coloring process easier. Replacing your stressful of color fear with relaxing confidence .

Choose good paper

We have our accurate sketch in a wisely chosen selection of colors .The third way to improve your colored pencil work is to put it on good paper . Use just scratch paper to get an accurate sketch. Never sketch on your final object .Instead use cheap paper for that and back-trace your lines with transfer paper or graphite. This will save you from having all of those unappealing eraser marks. Good paper will drastically affect end results of your colored pencil work . I always recommend finding a paper that suits your personal preference based on the results you get . For my drawings I will be using Strathmore Bristol plate paper as it is one of my favorites for colored pencils .

Apply colours cautiously

We are finally ready to color. Which brings me to number four .Apply cautiously. Colored pencils are not known for their forgiveness .Meaning mistakes you make are often permanent .So don’t have hazardy scribble down your colors. Instead apply them with a purpose . This includes being conscious of the pressure you are applying and the direction you are moving your hand . You should never be pressing harder than what is required than the color to show up .Doing this will prevent your wrist from hurting . While also elevating the quality of your work . So we’ve now covered four of the basic ways to improve your colored pencil work .

Apply more layers

Keep layering .In order to get that convincing realism in your colored pencil work you have to apply more layers . You’re giving up too soon. The most glaring problem that I come across is allowing the surface of the paper to influence the value of the colors . If you are working on white paper this will cause your colors to look fade . In if realism is what you’re trying to achieve you can’t let the paper control your colors . Going that extra distance will polish off your work and make it look clean and professional .

The sixth and final step to getting better colored pencil work is to take your time and enjoy it . The best work you create will always be fun rushed . Quality work takes time . But in the end would you rather have ten amazing drawings or 15 mediocre ones .And why draw at all if you’re not going to have fun with it . I promise if you incorporate these six simple practices you’ll find yourself progressing and being more proud of your creations . for more visit

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