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COPIC Ciao Unboxing - Product Review & Color Test

UPDATE: They are refillable! Thanks to those who commented to let me know 🙂 yaay! I got a brand new box of COPIC Ciao markers! Yay! In this video, I open ...

Copic ciao’s

as for the markers themselves I have tried Copic markers before I’ve tried Copic ciao’s .they’re personally my favourite .I just like how thin they are and the brush and if you’re not sure what I’m talking about .if you’ve never tried copics go to an art store please try them out they’re really really nice .but they’re these brand of markers and you’re able to refill them and they are alcohol-based and as you can see this is a refill for one of the markers.not for any in the set right here but is a refill .you’re able to get refills not for every marker but for most of them and you can continue using these until the refill runs out and Copic markers are usually about 6 or 7 dollars a piece depending on where you get it from and the refills are a little bit less

Benefits of Copic markers

the reason a lot of artists really really like Copic markers is because of their brush and makes it very easy for blending and making all types of art .and it also has a chisel nib and it even shows you so you don’t have to always check like oh is this one the chisel or the brush .there’s this little line right here that indicates brush .so you know okay thus the brush end and you just start working with it .which is really really nice .has a little indicator right there .but yes I have bought copics in the past I have bought skin tones because that’s mainly what I work with .but I’ve been lately just wanting to expand my line and have more bright colors and be able to do clothing and all sorts of fun things

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9.7 Total Score
Budget Marker Set

  • Outstanding performance and creative
  • Fast drying alcohol based non- toxic refillable marker
  • Set includes 12 markers
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