Ohuhu Art Markers 80 Set

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Ohuhu Markers Review, 80 Marker Set | Best Cheap Markers for a Beginner ?

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Ohunu markers

today i’m going to be reviewing the ohunu markers .I got the 80 set and it comes in this case .it’s got all handle if you want to transport it but it’s not really easy to like use the markers in this .I got a couple fluorescents .some oranges and browns visa. I got to cool graves to blue grays to warm grays and one green gray the cool thing about these markers is that they are very very cheap. that’s a really good deal for alcohol-based markers. they have a bullet nib on one end chisel nib on the other which is cool . I really prefer the you know you get a lot more expression with your line .so when you use a brush nib because it can bend along with your with what you’re painting and you can create cool hair strands and stuff .so my favorite is definitely markers with brush nibs . I definitely recommend these if you’re just new to alcohol-based markers and learning how to blend colors and things like that .

Alcohol-based markers

The thing with alcohol-based markers and with a lot of different markers or inks when you put it down it’s going to look like a different color than what it’s going to dry it so the cool thing about having one of these sheets as you know it’s going to look like when it dries .so I definitely recommend making one of these if you purchase these markers .so I used that sheet and I knew which colors I wanted to blend in and out and I was able to create a pretty cool gradient with these and the cool thing about alcohol-based markers. if you don’t know is you can layer them .so you can see these two spots are the same color but as you layer them it gets a darker and they’re really really fun to use in that way here. I do want to show you another thing about alcohol-based markers which it kind of goes with all of them and it depends on your paper .this paper really absorbs it’s a liquid in the or the ink rest .so it is going to dry faster which will cause this streakiness as you can see with the skin .it’s not a very even tone. it’s very streaky even though this was quite immediate like I was filling this in like this is about the speed I was going and you can see it still created quite a streak. so I definitely recommend some thinner paper for these this. is actually home open services this is mixed media paper .so it’s not great for markers. but I mean it’s able to hold the markers fine so if you’re not worried about that you can work with that.

I really like that you get a big mass of colors if you like really want to try alcohol-based markers and you don’t have a lot of money to spend on Windsor Newton or Copic and you and you still want to get a large variety of colors .this is definitely for you like just something to try something new .

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