Prismacolor Premier Pencils Coloring Kit Review

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Prismacolor Premier Pencils Adult Coloring Kit Review, A good choice for beginners

Prismacolor Premier Pencils Adult Coloring Kit Review, A good choice for beginners For more details on this product and to purchase, please find on: ...

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it’s called the prismacolor basically 29 piece coloring kit. now if you happen to be a person who loves drawing you’re gonna absolutely love this kit. first of all it comes in basically carrying a puzzle box it has a little bit of strength to it as you can see first thing it caught my eye was this little pencil here .of course I worked with prismacolor pencils before because I happen to love the dress .so I saw this I always absolutely do like this is what they call a blending pencil .now blending pencil allows you to basically put down two different colors and then the blender you can blend the two colors together .so they seamlessly blend so for example our red and yellow you can blend the two colors together and get red orange and yellow .so the two cloves will mix pretty cool .and of course you’ve got a little illustration .so if you like to do cartooning you can go through and do outlining of your characters and then fill in the color that type of stuff .one thing I was pretty happy about is the prismacolor pencil sharpener .now one thing you want to be aware is soft cores are very very soft .and because of that it’s always a good idea to use their brand of pencil sharpener because they tend to break the pencil leads .now it does all empty pretty easy just pop the top off as you see it right there course you can empty the contents just like that .now normally I bought these in the past by getting all together in a kit you’re saving considerable it depends where you get them from with this it comes with a kit for free .yay cool .and of course a kneaded eraser right there. I’m gonna get back to the coloring book it is amazing too .

With kit, It’s cheap :

Now to get to the pencils you just lift off the top right there and there they are. now in your typical art store each one of these pencils here basically is gonna cost almost a dollar .so they are kind of pricey on their own so it’s good that sometimes save money and get them in a kit. now the pencils themselves have what they call soft core which means that they go on very buttery and waxy and you can blend the collars beautifully with this. I’ve seen people basically produce what look like paintings with designer pencils because the soft wax can be pushed around and you can do amazing things with this .if you want some previews what people can do with Prismacolor pencils just go on to youtube or any other sites and you can see examples of it’s the artistry and they buildings of them all just cease to amaze here .

Good choice finally :

So i just want to give you a little preview of that overall I think this is a wonderful kit especially if you’re an artist or you’re wanting to get into the adult coloring book theme and you want good quality pencils to work with .this is a wonderful kit because you don’t only get the kneaded eraser but also the pencil sharpener and the infamous blender .yay .what you need but you also get a wonderful collection of pencils to go with us and you’d be well set up with that all right I’ll make sure to give a thumbs up if you like getting to see what’s in the box. thank you

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9.5 Total Score
One of the best Budget kit

This was a nice set to allow me to check out Prisma colored pencils. If you are looking to test them out this is a nice way to go. The set includes a sharpener that I did not find useful on these pencils which is odd seeing it is the prisma brand sharpener. It does work well with some of my other pencils though.…

  • 20 soft core colored pencils
  • black fine line illustration marker
  • Colorless blender pencil
  • Kneaded rubber eraser
  • Dual-port pencil sharpener
  • 8-page adult coloring booklet
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